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Found a new ride? Need to find a reliable company to transport it to its' new home? We can help! Having your vehicle handled by people you do not know can be a little unsettling and frustrating if you don't find a good company to work with. After all, this isn't a small ticket item you're's your new ride! Finding an automotive transport company that is reliable, responsible, credible and affordable can sometimes be a complicated task. We hope that the information on this page will help you find a company that is right for you.

In the auto transport business, there are typically two ways to ship a vehicle: on an "open carrier", or via an "enclosed carrier". There are several differences to each, and it's important to know them.

- Open carriers are just that: open to the elements. However, open transport is the industry standard and over 90% of all trucks out there transporting vehicles are open carriers. You've more than likely seen these carriers moving down the freeway, or pulling up to your local car dealerships delivering the latest and greatest new cars. They're large trucks that have room for usually about 10 vehicles. Because there are so many more of these trucks (versus enclosed), the price is usually much lower than shipping through an enclosed carrier. In general, unless your ride is highly collectable or highly expensive, we recommend using a reliable open carrier company.

- Enclosed carriers are just that: enclosed and thus, your vehicle is protected from the elements. With enclosed carriers, the trailers are boxed in and enclosed (much like a large Fed-Ex truck). Most often, an enclosed carrier is used when transporting antique, collectible, or high-end sport and luxury automobiles. They protect vehicles from weather elements, road debris and any other damage that may be caused by an open carrier environment. They are also used for low riding cars, like many sports cars or modified vehicles. On average, enclosed car carriers can cost about 50% to 75% more depending on shipping distances, truck availability, etc.

Whether you ship your new ride via an open carrier or enclosed, we recommend that you get quotes from multiple companies. To the right, on this page, are a few great vehicle shipping companies that we recommend you start with.

- DAS ( has a large fleet of trucks, and as a result, has competitive rates, and can usually get your ride on a truck in a timely fashion.

- uShip ( is an auction-style marketplace for transportation services. You simply list the details of your shipment (zip codes, car details, etc.), and you'll then receive bids from several auto transport companies. This service is particularly good if the cost is a primary concern, as the shippers are competing with one another for the honor of shipping your ride!

Whomever you end up hiring, keep in mind that all transport companies will need time to fit your move into their schedules (especially in the summer months and around the holidays), which is their busiest time of year. So plan ahead on scheduling the transport of your new ride.

We hope you find this information useful. Feel free to let us know if we can help with anything.

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